Karl Murray
Karl Murray
1935 - 2004

This site is dedicated to the memory of Karl Murray, a much loved husband, father, grandfather and friend, who, like so many, viewed the events of 1914 - 1918 with immense sadness and dismay. Karl devoted many hours of careful research skilfully recording the terrible carnage of those years to create the record which follows. Had Karl lived the site would no doubt have been added to and become an even richer account of what has come to be regarded as one of the most cruel and costly of all human conflicts. The site is however, above all else and as Karl would have wished, dedicated to the memory of all those who fought and suffered in World War 1.


The Great War ended in 1918. For many years afterwards its causes, and the conduct of all the participants were minutely picked-over, investigated and analysed. Subsequently, numerous books were written on all the War's aspects. Those soldiers who had fought in the trenches returned home and tried to resume normal lives - often by no means easy, especially for those who had been wounded, not only physically but also mentally by the horrors which they had experienced.

However, although the momentous events of World War Two and the passage of time gradually dimmed people's memories, there were many who still remembered the events of those awful years. Gradually during the past fifteen years or so there has been, I believe, a re-awakening of interest in the Great War and I should like to use this WWW page to help encourage that trend.

I believe that there is still a large amount of unpublished material in existence about the Great War. My intention is to add suitable and appropriate articles sent to me by interested readers to this page.

To start things off I have attached a number of my own files which, I hope, some will find useful and interesting.

These are:

The Great War - an abbreviated account - Updated with maps, June, 1998

A Chronological table of the Great War's main events

The Road to Passchendaele

Story of the 36th (Ulster) Division in the Great War

The 36th (Ulster) Division and the Battle of the Somme

Alex R. Murray - "Killed in Action"

Booklist - (Revised November, 1997)

Maps and Pictures

The Reckoning and Aftermath

List of Belligerent States - by Nick Luft and Jon Casey

Western Front Museums & Commemorative sites

Some Great War Statistics

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Other Great War sites well-worth a visit are:

While there have been several kind and much appreciated offers of additional material, Karl's family regard this as a finished work and it is their wish and the wish of all those who knew Karl that it remain as he left it as a lasting tribute to him.

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